Friday, February 17, 2006


My neighbor asked if I was interested in taking a knitting class once a month for a year. The finished project is a knitted quilt incorporating 12 blocks each one a different pattern. I knew how to knit and purl but that's about it so I said sure why not. My family laughed at the idea and called me an old lady. I came home with my first quilt block and pattern the next thing I know my 13 year old daughter and I are at the wool shop picking out wool for her.She was going to learn how to knit. She finished her first project a scarf and is on to her second project a scarf. Who says knitting is just for old ladies. How old are old ladies anyways?


twinmomplusone said...

First the fear of frozen lakes, then the love of Tim Hortons, then cross-country skiing with girlfriends and now knitting! Boy, our similarities just keep going.

For Xmas, I got my 11 year old a "learn how to knit" kit. She got going, learned the diff btn knit and purl and next thing I knew, I've knitted a scarf, a baby blanket for baby girl's Baby Annabelle and am now in the midst of doing a poncho.

I'm really a beginner knitter and haven't touched knitting needles since I was a teenager, but I find it relaxing after supper.

Happy knitting!! Apparently its a trendy thing now.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Sadly I can't knit ...I used to crochet. Loved that. Makes want to get the hook back out. My Mom knits and always has. I think you just have to like it to do it...Age does NOT matter.

From one old lady to another!!! ;0 )