Wednesday, February 15, 2006


This beautiful drawing, called Winston's Welcome, was created this past weekend at the cabin by my very talented sister. Winston is the very large black dog in the picture and also the official greeter of the cabin we stayed at. The artists inspiration, no doubt, was drawn from the beautiful surroundings and the good times spent with friends.


twinmomplusone said...

what a beautiful painting, I could definitely see taht hanging in my house

your sister is indeed very talented

Silver Creek Mom said...

What a talent. Tell your sister It's wonderfu;!

I used to paint, haven't in so long I'm afraid to pick up a brush again and let that side of me come out again. I guess I will when Nathan hits school this fall. Maybe take a drawing class just ot get the feeling back.

nancy said...

Does she do other paintings? That one is beautiful, she could sell it.


My sister enjoys drawing and painting when she finds the time. She is the mother of 3 boys. She likes to work with colored pencil, water color and she just started using oil pastels which is what Winston's Welcome was done in. She had Winston's Welcome copied for all the girls that went away to the cabin that weekend. We are so pleased to have such a wonderful souvenir of our getaway weekend.