Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Saturday afternoon I met with some old friends for tea.
It's nice to have the chance to catch up on what's happening in each others world. Women always find lots to chit chat about. I enjoyed seeing all of the new found treasures our hostess had added to her home since my last visit. Before we knew it our tea party had to end.

Some of us off to see about dinner, others to church, kids to hockey. The role of mother never far away! As we were leaving somebody said "That was a nice way to spend the afternoon." We all agreed.

A cup of tea always makes for a good visit!


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Silver Creek Mom said...

I have a friend who I meet for tea when I can. Her girls are way older and she has the time free. i still have to take nathan with me. BUT come sept I will be free to have tea with her once and awhile.

Of course we talk about our...