Monday, April 10, 2006


We had a wonderful time on the farm. I love
the tradition and history that surrounds
you when you visit a place that has been
in a family for generations. Like the
giant button jar that sits up top the antique cupboard that is not only filled with buttons but wonderful stories as well; or the apple trees that were planted once upon a time.

There are also the more recent traditions like the prize bag you get to reach into if you are the lucky winner of a fun game of center,left,right.

We were taught how to play this, a game for all ages, on our last visit. This time my youngest won and got her chance to put her hand in the prize bag. She pulled out a portable "crank"radio...oohs and ahhs all around.

The day was spent climbing trees, visiting the barns and hiking through the maple bush to the "Sugar Camp" where you get to carve your name on the wall. Another tradition the kids just loved. It was a fantastic day and in keeping with tradition we were sent home with a jar of maple syrup and some delicious maple candy. Mmm mmm good!

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twinmomplusone said...

sounds like a great time was had by all