Tuesday, April 18, 2006


This Easter had one of those moments for me that you stop and think ... I'm really having a nice morning. The Easter egg hunt was over and we were all just sitting quietly listening to the radio, actually enjoying our time, the girls checking out their baskets and then reading the books they had received for Easter..peaceful.

I remember a time when Easter morning was just chaos. The much too early rise out of bed, little bits of tin foil everywhere, rushing to get the kids something decent to eat before they consumed too much chocolate. I realized this year I now have more time to savor my coffee and my Easter. The changes motherhood brings year in and year out, you just never know what to expect.


Silver Creek Mom said...

MY guy ate chocolate for Breakfast but then ate a good lunch and supper. SO I guess it wasn't too bad. My daughter has not touched her chocolate yet.

twinmomplusone said...

I'm at that cusp, somewhere in between the total chaos and the blissful chance of drinking a cup of coffee slowly and uninterrupted. Motherhood is an ever changing set of emotions