Friday, April 21, 2006


Tonight my sisters 2 youngest boys will come
and spend the night. She is going off to a friends cottage with her husband for dinner
and an overnight stay. Next week she will take my daughters so me and my better half can attend a wedding reception with the comfort of knowing the kids are not sitting home alone. I
will order pizza for the bunch and then the kids will spend the evening playing games outside. Hide and seek was always my favorite. I love to hear their feet pounding on the earth as they run around the house. Ahh... spring! Now that it's here; don't you just love it!


BeachMama said...

Great idea! I hope your Sister and her Hubby had a great time and that you will have fun next weekend too. May have to try that out in the future :)

Silver Creek Mom said...

LOL! Sounds like fun. My teenager and her finds play hide and seek at night. They are a nutty bunch they have a roit.