Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I like to take a morning garden tour as I wait for the
school bus. As I turned the corner of the house I
looked at my gardens and had one of those
moments that just stuck. Surrounded by the hot
humid air and the heavy green foliage, I thought to
myself what a beautiful sight. My garden finally looks like a nice garden, a garden to show off, a
garden full of lush greenery. I am definitely a springtime gardener. Once things start to dry out it's every plant for himself.

But for now I will admire my garden and remember this day in May where the feeling of accomplishing my goal of a backyard garden was realized. Hmmm.... maybe I should get out the shovel and expand.


twinmomplusone said...

Springtime that term, I think I would qualify too ;) I too do a daily tour around my garden. This time of year, things grow so fast there's always a nice surprise awaiting for me somewhere.

Our community has an annual Gardens Tour: One day in July where homes that have volunteered open up to visitors to come explore their gardens. I so love taht day. Such fulfillment for a curious and inquiring mind. My daughter keeps urging me to enter our home as part of the tour and I laugh. I'm in no way in the same league as some of these gardens ;)

Silver Creek Mom said...

I wish MINE looked that goos. Some do but others need a majour weeding and thinning.

Yes always expand.