Friday, May 12, 2006


Our deck is finished...yay! I love it! I asked our friend who worked so hard on it...

"Do you LOVE IT?"

"It's nice I like it."

But don't you just love it?"

"O.k. I love it."

I will post a couple pictures when my daughter brings back my camera.
I guess I'll have to wear my raincoat when I go out to sit on my new deck for the next couple of days.


BeachMama said...

HOpe you enjoyed sitting out on your deck, even if you had to put up a few umbrellas to keep the rain off. May you have many warm, sunny days to enjoy it this summer.

Silver Creek Mom said...

I love sitting on mine!

Enjoy the summer.

Anonymous said...

Almanac is calling for a HOT & DRY'll get good use of your deck this summer...ENJOY!!!