Tuesday, June 27, 2006


A party is being planned for a 75th
birthday on Canada Day. The mother of
a friend that I first met as a teenager will celebrate this special occasion this July 1st.

A special day is being planned in her honour this upcoming Saturday. We are all meeting at a campground, because camping is one of her favorite things to do, for a birthday celebration. A c.d. with 75 of her favorite songs will be played. We are working on 75 gifts for her to open along with some other activities and surprises. It should be a fun filled day.

We have been requested to submit a memory for a memory jar.

A memory that makes me smile is a time when a bunch of us went to a bluegrass festival in Gouvernour, N.Y.
The washrooms were so disgusting that we had to wear high top shoes when we took a shower. We had many laughs when reminiscing about that one weekend in August which seems so long ago now. Mrs. C always refers to that time as the weekend she left her beautiful white cotton nightie in the stinkin' bathroom...and it was brand new! I can picture that crisp clean nightie hanging on a hook in that dirty old concrete bathroom.


Silver Creek Mom said...

Sounds like an awesome party...Where is it so I can crash it? OH wait I be in the mist of teenage hormones on that weekend. Miranda's sweet 16.

BeachMama said...

I hope she has the best birthday party every. 75 and still camping, wow, that is amazing.