Monday, July 17, 2006


Wow was it hot yesterday! My daughter asked me
what season was my favorite. I answered
fall. I do love the pace that summer seems to bring with it, but the heat and humidity just can't compare to the freshness of the autumn air.

The Dog Days of Summer have arrived so as these days of July and August roll along we will slow down, sip our water a little less rushed, go to bed a little later and simply enjoy what this season of summer has to offer.


Kami said...

I hear ya. It was 104F here yesterday. UGH!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Yup it was hot. And those Thuderstroms last night kept me awake quite awhile.

Yup dog days are here.

BeachMama said...

And the fall clothing lines are coming out now, kinda gets you in the spirit of fall.

ninepounddictator said...

I love summer. It's the best....I even love Heat Waves. I know, it's true tho...

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