Monday, August 21, 2006


Out for an afternoon adventure at Mill of
Kintail Conservation area this summer
my youngest came upon the unexpected.

Searching in amongst the rocks in the river she came upon a small bat. My friend and I were enjoying some conversation up river when my daughter yelled out with excitement "I've caught a bat I've caught a bat!" I thought she was saying I caught a bass.

We left the little guy where we found him hoping he would find his way. It was quite the find.


sweetmagnolia said...

Wow, be careful. A young woman in my community contracted rabies from cleaning bat dung from an old house.

Sounds as though ya'll had a wonderful adventure that day.

If you ever decide to go south, stop by Alabama and say "hey."

Silver Creek Mom said...

I hope he was ok...I like bats. Better yet I like how they eat bugs!