Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The warm south breeze we were greeted by this morning felt good on our faces, and with just enough wind to have the leaves falling all around us made for a nice little stroll to the bus stop.

Our household will be a busy place this weekend. My eldest daughter will turn 14 on Friday and her cousin that is 2 days younger will also celebrate this holiday weekend.

I am hoping to get away Saturday morning with my sister and drive to Westport to visit some of the artists on the Fall Colors studio tour. The scenery should be spectacular with the sunshine that is predicted.

I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday with the help of my youngest. She is in charge of the table decortations. My sister will bake her, can't have Thanksgiving without them, fabulous pies. Lots of cooking going on this weekend; from birthday cakes to turkey, should be yummy!

We also try to have a family football game on this weekend. My girls always look forward to throwing around the football. Although Dad has always been the star of the game the kids are getting older and BETTER. They now give Dad a run for his money.

I do believe Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. No gifts to buy. Just good food and family fun.


BeachMama said...

Gorgeous driveway!! It must be so beautiful where you are right now.

I love your take on Thanksgiving, no presents, just family. Perhaps that is why I love it so much too. I just never realized it before. We take turns and this year is my Mom's turn. Can't wait to taste the turkey.

Hope you have a great weekend

Silver Creek Mom said...

What a beautiful shot. Sounds like a fun filled weekend. MINE will not be, My family is not getting together for the first time in years. I feel guilty about it. BUT I honestly have no time.