Monday, July 30, 2007

Calendar of Events

Wow! July is over already.
It has been a busy month for us . I need a moment to
catch my breath.

- Back from the east coast and then off on a camping trip to Silver Lake.
-Managed to finish a 'rag quilt' with the help of my sister-in-law down east
-Home for a day and then off to Calabogie for a bacholorette party.
-Playing our new board game Settlers of Catan. Introduced to us on our trip.

-Afternoons by the pool
-A visit to Carp for outdoor bingo night.
- My sisters annual Garden party.
-Off to the movies to see Hairspray. We all left the theatre smiling.
-Getting ready for a long awaited outdoor wedding this coming weekend. The forecast looks fantastic.
July ...spent with family and friends. It's been fun!

1 comment:

BeachMama said...

Sure looks like you are having a busy summer. The photo from Nova Scotia looks so inviting.