Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Stories

Now that Christmas day is behind us along with all the hustle and bustle,
I can say that reading a story out of this book, Christmas in the Martimes, each evening in the days leading up to Christmas was a nice thing to do for myself. I do believe it is becoming one of my December traditions. I recall enjoying a good collection of Christmas stories last year.

The snow is falling today which is good news for us cross country skiers. We went out for a boxing day ski yesterday and the trails were in pretty rough shape. Quite the workout! Planning another ski for Saturday I hope my muscles recover some before then.

Our family was fortunate enough to have received the Wii from Santa and everybody has had alot of fun playing. I guess I will go and see if I can squeeze in a turn before supper.

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BeachMama said...

Great Christmas book suggestion.

Wishing you Happy New Year! Hope you got your turn on the Wii ;)