Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Never Ending Winter

I am tired of putting my boots on! I am tired of wet mittens and snowpants! I am tired of shoveling and, oh yeah, I am tired of scraping the car!

I came across this wonderful painting and realized, although winter can be long, there is always a positive. More snow for skiing.

Happy snow day!


BeachMama said...

I feel the same way about winter this year. I have had enough already. I guess I am more of a summer lover than a winter lover, but I usually get through it a bit better. Even the kids are tired of the snow.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Right here with you Chickie! I'm sick of cleaning off the car. My husband is soo sick of it her is going to build a garage for the cars in the next few years. YEAH!

Ihaven't skiied in years and I want to, but they don't make the boots for my ski's anymore and I need to buy a whole new package.

I'm also sick of the freezing rain!

Thansk for your wise words of wisdom on my site. I will look into that.