Monday, April 07, 2008

The Mini Eggs King

My better half had a birthday this weekend.
He ended up with 47 bags of mini eggs from my sister as part of his birthday gift.

He is the 'Mini Egg King'. It all started at Easter. He cannot resist chocolate and knowing I had chocolate treats for the kids hidden away for Easter morning was driving him crazy.

I went to bed Sat. night of Easter weekend and told him to wake me up later to do the Easter bunny thing. I was tired and cranky but knew that if I let him into the stash the kids would be robbed. So up I get. As I am quickly hiding my Eggies here and there I turn around to a glimpse of him, in the dim light, following me and popping them into his mouth as fast as I am hiding them. At least he left the chocolate eggs covered in tinfoil alone. I was wild and told him to get to bed and let me finish.

My sister thought the story was hilarious and decided that she would buy him 47 bags to reflect his age. I guess age has nothing to do with the way a person acts. Honestly sometimes I feel like I have three children instead of two.


mamatucci said...

That is really funny, i too love mini eggs. Thats why this year i didnt buy any for my kids.

The snow is really melting today and we played outside. So, bring on the spring!

Silver Creek Mom said...

I have 3 children too and the oldest is 47. I tell you he is a bigger baby than the 2 little ones.

LOL I can just see that.
Great story.

BeachMama said...

I love this story, both for your Sister's genius gift and the fact that it proves that all men are the exact same.

Those eggs are the reason I am still working on my last 10lbs. Those are my favorite Chocolate.