Friday, June 13, 2008

Artists..... A Rare Breed

I visited art in the park last weekend in the Glebe there was so much to take in.

As I strolled through the maze of artists with my sister we stopped and chatted with the different artists along the way. All the artists were keen on sharing there inspiration and techniques they use for their art pieces. At the last minute I spotted a glass artist so I ventured over to see her work. I started a conversation with her but she wasn't interested in sharing anything. I have never met an artist like that, most are so excited and passionate about their work that they love to teach and share. I thought later that she should realize that nobody can steal her imagination. Why attend if you are only interested in the sale of your work, besides it's not a bake off it's an art sale.

The artwork that I have posted is the beautiful work from a young artist in Cornwall, Mi-Sun Kim Hunter. Her work was fabulous and she was so lovely to speak with.
She took the time and you just knew she enjoyed showing my sister a few of her techniques. Fantastic girl.


mamatucci said...

i love the blue one

BeachMama said...

Those are beautiful.

How funny about the artist that didn't want to share. I too have never met anyone like that either.