Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Finally below 0 degrees. I will flood my backyard rink today.The weather this past January has been very mild here in Ottawa and my icemaking skills have been challenged. All the shoveling,scraping, and flooding is worth it. The kids laughter and the sight of their colorful jackets and hats are always the perfect reward. I love to be their goalie as they play hockey with such enthusiasm. A round of hot chocolate and the great feeling of being in the great outdoors. How lucky are we to live in Canada.


blueyes said...

wow I thought my family was the only one that set up an ice-skating rink in the yard! It's been very hard this year (I live in New Jersey) so I think we're taking a year off.

kookamrs said...

You are one very special person!!! The time you take with your family and friends...you don't realize it, but you are amazing!!! You talk about us girls, time, when do we have time...you just know how to manage it well, that's the difference...I wish I could be more like you...I need to slow down...I'm going to try!!!

Guess who????

twinmomplusone said...

hey, we got an ice-skating rink in our backyard too this winter, best thing we ever did for the kids, thye LOVE it

Silver Creek Mom said...

I haven't made arink int he back yard in years. I did it a couple of Times when Miranda was young and she loved it. I guess it's soon time do to one for Nathan.

YEs we are lucky to live in Canada.