Monday, February 06, 2006

Birthday Fun

'The Girls' that's what we like to call ourselves got away for a birthday weekend. Up to a cottage for our girls night out birthday celebration. We had fun. We always do. The cottage was cozy and such beautiful surroundings and sunshine. The girls celebrating their day are the types that you wander around the mall looking for that perfect gift but can never find! As I was walking out of the mall empty handed I saw the gift, it was one of those wire trees that you display cards or photos on, perfect. I'll buy them each one. A visit to the dollar store for a card led to the evolution of my great gift. A package of small gift cards 12 for $!. I thought about what l could put on the cards. Questions, memories great that's what I'll do. So I thought of some great birthday questions like, Think of a gift you received on your birthday that really surprised you? I attached the small colorfurl cards to my tree and voila a festive gift that lead to some great memories shared with friends, a glass of wine, a wonderful view and a great weekend.


Qatar Cat said...

How nice :^)

Qatar Cat said...

I meant to say Happy Birthday, and add How Nice

But it came out split in two posts :^)

twinmomplusone said...

Hi there, just found you through Nancy's blog. Just had to ask, where have you found those wire trees. Have been looking for one for months! thanks from another Ottawa mom