Wednesday, February 22, 2006


What started out as 1 fleece blanket has turned into a fleece frenzy! These blankets are so cozy. Everybody who sees one wants one. Picking out your fleece is part of the fun and the frenzy, with so many patterns and colors to choose from sometimes it's hard to resist only making one. We have four in our home. Both of my daughters were very proud of the fact that they had a hand in the making of their blankets.There is no sewing involved with these blankets just cutting and tieing, so they were able to put together their own. Dad even got one with hockey skates on it! We spent part of the weekend wrapped in our fleece blankets watching some of the olympics on t.v.. Quite chilly outside,happy and warm and loving our new blankets inside.


Silver Creek Mom said...

I love Fleece Blankets! And yes they are easy to make. I sew when I can...not alot lately and I loved working with Fleece, I made my daughter a polar Fleece coat once and she loved it so much that when she grew out of it she asked if I could keep it for her kids. So we did.

I should Sew again.

Enjoy the Blankets

twinmomplusone said...

very ingeneous!