Thursday, February 23, 2006


Last weekend mother nature was not in a good mood! She tore through this part of the country leaving behind yet another message that maybe we should take notice of what we are doing to this planet we call home. Knowing conditions were not going to be ideal decided to go out for an afternoon ski last Sunday anyway. The conditions were horrid. There were tree limbs littering the trails, thick chunks of ice everywhere. It was not the winter wonderland we see on Christmas cards. My youngest thought she wasn't going to make it back. My oldest thought it was a piece of cake. My bones told me the next day we need more snow before we head out to the trails again. On a positive note we did get a glimpse of 4 deer crossing the trail in front of us. I suppose we should count our blessings.


Silver Creek Mom said...

OUCH! Skiing on that must not to have been too much fun. I like snow not crust. BUT serioulsy how do you like this WIND today? I can't stand wind.


It will be the second windy Friday in a row. For me it is garbage day and because of the location of my house I seem to end up with all the neighbors garbage in my yard. Last week I ended up with 3 garbage cans rolling around.