Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I did it! I replaced my bike tire and then
actually put the wheel back on my bike. The man of the house took it apart on the weekend. I bought the replacement tube and tire Mon. night and there it sat yesterday in pieces on such a beautiful day. I thought I don't have to wait for him.I can do this! I got out the tools and went to work and not just the simple front tire, this was the back tire the one with all the gear and greasy chain stuff to conquer. With black hands and a good for me feeling my bike was back together. I rode off into the sunshine yesterday with my daughter and a smile and in the back of my mind wondering if my wheel was going to fall off!


twinmomplusone said...


I've never changed a tire, wouldn't know how to start but I'm sure if I really ahd to I'd get it

Silver Creek Mom said...

Way to go! I love to do stuff like that. Sooo good for the self esteem. And not for the hubby. Mine comes home when I've done somthing like that and says " you don't need me anymore" but he says it with a grin.