Friday, March 31, 2006


Only in Canada eh! Today we are blessed
with a beautiful balmy day of 20 degrees

The other day I went to pick my daugher
up at high school for an orthodontist appointment. I couldn't believe some of the girls were wearing mini skirts and sandals ,me, I was in my big woolly sweater. The last time I checked I think is was around 12 degrees. Sweater weather in my opinion. My daughter was looking for her capris last night. I can just imagine what some of those teenage girls are wearing today. I must be getting old... How do they maneuver those snow banks with those flip flops on?


twinmomplusone said...

yep crazy kids!

can I tell you how I love the pics you have every day, I wanted to do the sam, have a pic featured every day with my text but somehow it fell on the wayside some of the time, obviously I'm very visiual as you are

love this flip flop one

have a great week-end!

Northern Mom said...

April 1st the socks and shoes get banished for another year(unless it snows) I love the freedom of sandals and hate socks.
If your toes get a little cold, no need to worry...they'll warm up eventually!