Monday, April 24, 2006


I joined the 'Silver Bees' at the Red Dot Cafe on Saturday night for a
birthday dinner. I have been thinking about the coconut cream pie and regretting the fact that I didn't order dessert. I was stuffed after my meal.
They have the most amazing
desserts at this cafe. Next time I will have to order one to go.

I am referring to this group as the 'Silver Bees' because we all own a silver bracelet made in the kings chain not because of our hair color. We got together one summer day last year and made these beautiful bracelets. Some of us doing it with more cursing than others, some with alot of help from our friends. I thought about a few good names for this group one being 'the laugh till you cry gang'. We always have great fun when we are together. In the future when our hair does turn to silver and we laugh till we pee our pants, we will continue to have the best of times. Note to the 'Silver Bees': We will have to make "D" a bracelet for her b-day next time it rolls around.


moe said...

I love the bracelet. You made that? I wish I was in your secret club. If you tell me how to make one I promise to get old, go grey (now I only have 'shimmering white-blond highlights) and laugh till I pee my pants.

twinmomplusone said...

ditto what moe said!

BeachMama said...

I love the bracelet too! And I have been to The Red Dot, but I didn't know they had great dessert. I have previously gone for wings and a drink, next time I'll try the coconut cream pie.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Great POST a new resturant to try and where did you make that cute Bracelet? I love stuff like that.

I think we all need out secert clubs! I intend on peeing in my pant with mine.


The Dragon's Lair in Stittsville offers workshops in jewellery making. They also sell supplies.