Friday, May 05, 2006


It was my sister's birthday this past May
Day. There is a celebration tonight with
the gals up at a cottage about an hour
away. I am going to miss this little soiree because we have plans to build a deck tommorrow.

I received a phone call from the hostess and my sister last night, after a couple of glasses of wine no doubt, asking me again to join them. They were already up at the cottage all settled in making it sound oh... so wonderful! Wish I was there! What to do?

If the weather is rainy we will have to postpone our deck building. I bought these little cards and holders for my sister in anticipation of her birthday celebration. I will include a birthday question in each one. Something about a special birthday moment... memory. All she asked for were these little birthday trees, a bottle of wine, time with good friends and an afternoon to draw or paint.

We will see what the weather brings I know sis will have a grand time with or without me. The gals she's with will see to that! A toast to the birthday girl.

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BeachMama said...

Hope your sister had a great birthday. And, if you had our weather weekend where you are, then you probobly built a deck, but I hope you had some rain so you could go up to the cottage.