Monday, June 12, 2006


I do believe I have 12 more mornings to fight it out with my daughter
about brushing her hair. Started in kindergarten she is now in grade 3.
She hates to brush her hair. I used to yell, I used to wrestle, now I
just hand her the 'no more tangles' and hairbrush and walk away. I still
have to prompt her every 5 minutes to start brushing that hair. I used
to say things like "We're going to get your hair chopped off or how about a buzz cut." We both knew I was just a mom blowing off hot air

I recall having the same battle with my oldest when she was in the primary grades. Now she looks after her hair like a pro. I guess we will have to wait and see if grade 4 will be the turning point for the youngest.

Right now we are both counting down the days until summer vacation. I'm sure she will be looking forward to throwing away the books and the hairbrush!

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Anonymous said...

My mom had the same fights with me, my hair is still long, 30 some years's all a matter of time!!!