Friday, June 09, 2006


I finally finished this glass art I
have been working on. The
glass design came easy. It was the color
of the frame I couldn't decide on. After
many coats I put it together and sat back
with a cup of tea to look at the finished
product. I knew in my heart that the color just wasn't right, but it would do.
Big quandary. Should I take it a
part? What if I play around with it and like it even less?

I woke up this morning and changed the
color of the frame again. Now I love it, I know it's right.

I will hold on to if for a couple of days before
delivering it to the gift store where it will
hopefully sell. Although I should have it there for the weekend I want a chance to admire it before I let it go.


Farm Mommy Kirsten said...

It's stunning! I love dragonflies and the colour is perfect. Wow!

Silver Creek Mom said...

It's is another master piece.

I remember how hard it was to let my paintings go. They all mean something to me.