Tuesday, August 29, 2006


My sister and her family did this aerial
experience in the Gatineau Hills last week.
They said it was awesome.

My daughters are going to give it a try as part of their birthday celebrations in the fall.

I for one will stay with my feet on the ground as a quiet spectator. It's been suggested from the participants that they don't want me shouting instructions from below. If the adventure becomes too harrowing to watch I guess I will have to move along. A daredevil I am not. A worry wart yes!


Silver Creek Mom said...

I'm with you...keepin' my feet firmly planted on the ground. Not even going to watch. I've heard about this place alot of teens love it.

Morning Glory said...

Hi, I've been acquainting myself with your blog and can't remember if I've thanked you for stopping by mine last week. Anyway, thanks for the nice comment and please come back any time.

twinmomplusone said...

My daughter went there with her class a while back and they ALL LOVED it. I would actually like to try it ;) maybe one day