Monday, September 04, 2006


The season isn't officially over but with the cool rainy weather we have had the last couple of days you can feel summer turning to autumn. There is also a change in daily activities as the calendar changes from August to September.

My sister and I decided to go on an end of summer road trip. Her oldest and our hubbies stayed home and we ventured out with the four youngest of our troop to a girlfriends farm outside of Belleville. It was a gorgeous sunny day when we left Friday. Our first stop was an amazing garage sale we spotted on our route through the rural roads of eastern Ontario. The front yard was just filled with table after table of just about everything. We all walked away with a few new found treasures.

The farm visit was filled with all kinds of fun. With a school size chalkboard in the kitchen that the kids used all weekend, to a donkey named Eeyore that loves to be fed bread the kids were never without something to do. The evenings were spent around the table in my
girlfriends beautiful country kitchen. Eating, sipping wine, chatting and just taking time to slow down and enjoy.

We ventured to the Hell Holes outside of Napanee on Saturday. A 3 km. hike through a mystical forest with surprises of caverns and ravines at each turn. The place is filled with legends and tales of headless horsemen and visits from the devil. The kids were very proud of themselves for acutally climbing 20 feet down a ladder into a hole which opens up to a cave at the bottom. With flashlights in hand one by one they all disappeared down into the hole to explore the unknown. They described it as dark, cool and scary.

We returned home ready to start a new school year. Just one day to wait.


BeachMama said...

That sounded like the perfect way to end the summer holidays. Even though summer is still technically here, with all the kids going to school tomorrow, it will be the biggest signal of fall that I know of.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Sounds wonderful..>We did nothing quite that exciting other than take the kids to a movie.